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Auto Dealer Financing

Your company is one-of-a kind, so why shouldn’t your financing plan be unique to you? AdMinister Co. is the premier capital funding source for the used car industry. With flexible financing plans and competitive terms , AdMinister Co provides your dealership with personalized financing plans to meet your individual needs.

With AdMinister Co. you can stock your lot with a range of vehicles your customers really want. We offer floor plan financing in the form of revolving line of credit to fund your auto inventory. These adaptable plans allow you to maximize your buying power and your profits. Our hands-on management approach, flexible financing plans and customer specific solutions make us a perfect match to meet independent dealers’ unique business needs.

Dealer Benefits:

  • Affordable competitive rates
  • Easy purchasing from auctions and other sources preapproved by AdMinister Co.
  • Up to 100% financing, including auction fees
  • Auto warranty plans from American Auto Assurance
  • Hands-on management of your financing plan