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Business Consulting and Services

Let’s face it. Starting up and running a business requires a lot of work. It is hard to gather enough time and resources to thoroughly cover all of the necessary areas to effectively run your business. Instead of struggling on your own, look to AdMinister Co. to provide you with effective business consulting. We offer hands-on consulting to develop and implement various forms of operational and management improvements, strategic plans and comprehensive analysis of financial position and investments for your business leading to enduring results.

Bogged down by the small stuff? We also offer a variety of business services, including payroll, staffing and marketing to help keep your organization on its feet and running smoothly without the hassle and money needed to hire a full internal staff.

Our hands-on approach allows our professionals to quickly assess performance of your business and deliver solutions to improve your business processes.  We perform a detailed assessment encompassing all operational aspects of your business and propose potential operational improvements and efficiency enhancements to be developed and prioritized.  We focus on maximizing the present value of business through streamlining, eliminating costs, boosting productivity and increasing customer satisfaction, while creating a plan for a future sustainable growth in an ever changing economic environment.

We also provide detailed and complete due diligence analysis of mergers, acquisitions and other business transactions.  Our teams of accountants, attorneys, finance and industry experts will bring confidence you need in order to execute any transaction and do it right.

AdMinister Co. also advises small business owners on preservation of wealth and protection of assets. Additional information can be found in Protection of Assets section.

Client Benefits:

  • Streamline business processes
  • Increase efficiency
  • Maximize present value of your business
  • Create plan for future sustainable growth
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Boost productivity
  • Save costs on hiring internal staff
  • Conduct due diligence analysis for mergers and acquisitions

Reo Services

AdMinister Co. offers full service, customized REO management and disposition services for lenders and loan servicers.  Our experienced team can manages all phases of REO. Atlas REO Services has an experienced team managing eviction services, redemption management, initial property services, property management, asset valuation and market analysis, sales and marketing services, closing services, title services, and property expense management.

Atlas REO Services is a full service Real Estate Owned management and disposition firm which offers customized REO management and disposition services for lenders and loan servicers.