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Financial Distress Solutions

Times are tough. Poor economic conditions, shift of production, new technologies and globalization are just a few of the factors leaving many businesses and individuals wondering where to turn. AdMinister Co. understands your situation. With detailed analysis of your financial situation we are able to offer turnaround strategies and other loss mitigation plans for small businesses and individuals.


Turnaround Plans for Small Businesses

Small businesses have been facing many challenges arising out of shift of production and increased competition caused by globalization and almost constant deployment of new technologies offering new opportunities but also disrupting existing processes and shaking up entire industries.  AdMinister Co. offers various turnaround strategies for distressed businesses geared toward increasing performance, eliminating waste and inefficiencies, maximizing customer value and improving liquidity. Not every struggling business can be saved, but every business deserves a fighting chance.

AdMinister Co. offers:

• Business Operations Restructuring

• Debt Restructuring



The question of filing for bankruptcy can be difficult to answer. AdMinister Co. professionals help struggling businesses and individuals determine whether and when bankruptcy should be utilized as part of a business turnaround plan or as an effective stand-alone tool in mitigating losses.

• Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Businesses (Liquidation) and Individuals (Complete Discharge of Debts)

• Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for Businesses (Business Debt Restructuring)

• Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for Individuals (Partial Discharge and Repayment Plan)


Non-Bankruptcy Debt Restructuring and Loan Modifications

Depending on your circumstances, bankruptcy may not be the answer. Debt restructuring may be a beneficial and less expensive alternative. AdMinister Co. can help companies reduce and renegotiate liabilities through non-bankruptcy debt restructuring.  Our substantial knowledge of the lending environment and financial industry allows us to help our clients efficiently improve or restore liquidity and rehabilitate to sustain future operations.  We have extensive experience negotiating with lenders and creditors in order to successfully reduce debt and extend payment terms.


AdMinster Co. offers:

  • Debt restructuring
  • Loan modifications
  • Full or partial debt settlement
  • Extension of payment terms