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Real Estate Development & Construction

AdMinister Co. is committed to developing and transforming your properties from start to finish. We offer first-rate construction management and services for residential properties located in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs and for commercial properties anywhere in the continental United States. Our dedicated construction team works in partnership with a network of architects, expeditors, engineers and subcontractors to give you the quality product you are seeking.

With our experienced site selection, planning, construction, management, leasing, marketing and brokerage personnel, we establish and manage the development process and thoroughly monitor its progress to ensure that our projects are delivered on time and on budget.  The value of our construction services is derived from the superior quality of our work we offer at very competitive prices.

AdMinister Co. offers:

  • Construction Management
  • Commercial Land and Real Estate Development
  • Complete Rehabilitation of Distressed Properties
  • Restoration after Fire, Flood & Other Casualty Damage
  • Home Improvement Projects